Twin Hill Wines

We have a wide selection of gourmet olives and cheeses, the perfect accompaniment to your wine.

We can also arrange the printing of personal wine labels for all occasions – weddings, anniversaries, or the birth of a new baby as well as business and conference functions.

Simply click here and tell us your requirements.

Our Selection of Cheeses & Olives

Kalamatta Olives (marintated in garlic & rosemary)
Sicilian Olives (marinated in chill, garlic, parmesan cheese & oregano)
A large selection of Harvey Cheeses

Red Wine Vinegar
Twin Hill Winery Wine Glasses
Port barrels – 4.5 litre, 9 litre & 12 litre barrels filled with Tawny

Our 800gr bags of olives can also be mailed directly to you in overnight express bags.  Please email me for a quote.